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Theme Song
Note: It's written in ancient Japanese. So it's difficult to translate.

A ga maeba, kuwashime yoini keri
[when I dance, beautiful lady is fascinated.]
A ga maeba, teru tsuki toyomu nari
[when I dance, shining moon echos.]
Yobai ni kami amakudarite,
[Proposing me {*1}, the god comes down from the heaven {*2}]
Yoha ake, nuedori naku,
[Day breaks, a thrush sings]
[Far god gives me {a gift?}]

*1:'Yobai' means "proposing somebody" and
"make love with somebody" at the same time.
This is because these 2...acts?...
are almost the same in ancient Japan.

*2:'Ama'+ 'Kudarite' means 'come from the heaven'.
But 'Ama' is different from so-called heaven.
It's similair to the Olympos (spell?) in Greek myth.

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